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STOCKHOLM, Region East and North

Switchboard: 08-540 676 20

Visiting address: Kanalvägen 2A och 2B, ÅKERSBERGA

Postal address:
Svensk Certifiering Norden AB
Rödbosundsvägen 40, 184 60 ÅKERSBERGA

Regional Manager / Auditor Region North and East:
CEO Michael Persaud
Mobile: 0707-77 20 02
Address: Svensk Certifiering Norden AB
Rödbosundsvägen 40, 184 60 ÅKERSBERGA

Sales and Marketing:
Tim Malmsten
Mobile: 070-8948873
Visiting address: Kanalvägen 2B, ÅKERSBERGA

Finance and Administration:
Jessica Arnsbjer
Mobile: 0707-16 88 02
E-mail: or
Visiting address: Kanalvägen 2B, ÅKERSBERGA

Team Assistant and course information:
Karolina Lindqvist
Mobile: 0735-12 15 53
Visiting address: Kanalvägen 2B, ÅKERSBERGA

Team Assistant:
Bonnie Hughes
Mobile: 0735-40 49 36
Visiting address: Kanalvägen 2B, ÅKERSBERGA

Regulatory affairs:
Lucas Jordan
Mobile: 0708-68 89 24
Visiting address: Bondegatan 24, 4tr, 116 33 STOCKHOLM

GOTHENBURG, Western Region (Västra Götaland)

Regional manager and sales / Auditor Western Region:
Therese Göthberg
Mobile: 0703-55 88 01
Address: Jägarvägen 10, 442 77 ROMELANDA

Training Manager and sales Western Region:
Karsten Viden
Mobile: 0706-69 84 52
Address: Sjömilsgatan 23, 421 37 VÄSTRA FRÖLUNDA

MALMÖ / LUND, Region South (Skåne and Eastern Götaland)

Regional Manager and Training Manager / Auditor South Region:
Peter Hansson
Mobile: 0704-45 53 21
Address: Vittnesgränd 53, 226 47 LUND

Sales and Marketing:
Marie Ring
Mobile: 072-253 7002
E-mail: marie.ring@svenskcertifiering.s

JÖNKÖPING, Eastern Region

Training and sales
Peter Josefsson
Mobile: 0730-45 87 35
Address: Tingsvägen 1A , 573 35 TRANÅS

Our auditors and auditors

Adam Eriksson:
Andrea Dahlgren:
Berit Johansson:
Christer Andersson:
Ellen Friberg:
Elizabeth Smolle:
Eva Jonsson:
George Köllner:
Hanna Gradin:
Jakob Källström:
Karin Huttánus:
Karolina Borrsén:
Lars-Erik Westergren:
Lars-Gösta Dahlström:
Leif Hellgren:
Lena Q Olsson:
Lars Petersson:
Lennart Ljung :
Lennart Piper:
Lucas Jordan:
Maria Johnson:
Mats Andersson
Michael Persaud:
Michael Dow:
Per Elvin:
Peter Josefsson:
Peter Hansson:
Robert Seyfert:
Stefan Enblom:
Therese Göthberg:
Ulrika Püringer:

Calibration Days in Roslagen 2016

Please fill out a offerinquiry request and we will contact you!

As a small part of our CSR activities during 2016/2017, we have contributed a gift to UNISEF instead of giving Christmas presents to our partners. This year's gift helps children to education and vaccination.

CEO Michael Persaud
Finance officer Jessica Arnsbjer
Team Assistant Bonnie Hughes
Team Assistant and course information Karolina Lindqvist
Lead Auditor and regulatory affairs Lucas Jordan
Regional manager West Therese Göthberg
Sales Manager West Karsten Viden
Regional Manager South Peter Hansson
Region and Sales Manager East Peter Josefsson